Why Air Blown Fiber

Air Blown Fiber advantages over other fiber optic infrastructures are overwhelming. Consider the following benefits to determine why Air Blown Fiber offers the most advanced and cost effective system available for the current and future needs of your network. Air Blown Fiber, a point-to- point infrastructure, enables you to:
  • Scale your network immediately, control network capacity, optimize conduit space, meet your bandwidth requirements in minutes, save significant labor and overall project costs, and upgrade your network at the exact pace of emerging technology.
  • Quickly and easily blow in any fiber type when and where you need it, taking advantage of "fiber on demand" to meet any network add, move, change, or reconfiguration in minutes or hours versus the days, weeks, or even months of pulling in traditional fiber optic cable.  At speeds of up to 150 feet per minute 3,000 feet of fiber can be blown with the Air Blown Fiber system in just 30 minutes, using only 2 installers. It typically takes one 8-hour day with a minimum of 4 skilled installers to pull 3,000 feet of fiber optic cable.
  • Blow fiber bundles quickly and easily even in hard-to- reach, limited access, or secure areas.
  • Install fiber without any disruption to your facility or network operations, eliminating the need for construction permits and unnecessary network downtime.
  • Plan network expansions, changes, and additions without the cost or guess work of accurately forecasting future fiber requirements and the opportunity and the wasted financial costs associated with laying either too much or too little "dark" optical fiber.
  • Eliminate the risk of having installed obsolete fiber that no longer meets your network's growing requirements. Air Blown Fiber allows you to immediately upgrade your network while protecting it against potentially rapid obsolescence.
  • Save your initial fiber investment.  With Air Blown Fiber, fiber bundles can be blown out quickly and easily and replaced with a new fiber type in virtually minutes —allowing you to reuse the old fiber for another application in your network.
  • Plan projects in hours or days, instead of months or years in advance — allowing you to have total control of your plans and budget by Paying-As- You-Go… one project at a time.
  • Control network capacity by optimizing conduit space.  Two 19-tube air-blown fiber cables yield 38 pathways within the same conduit space in which conventional cables yield only 3 — ensuring that you should never again face the cost or need to lay additional conduit.  Also, you know with complete certainty at every moment how much capacity you have left for the future expansion of your network.
  • Enjoy the freedom and network control that Air Blown Fiber offers, eliminating the headaches of forecasting technological changes and the future requirements of your network so you can pursue the other demands of your job — knowing that with Air Blown Fiber you will experience instantaneously quick upgrades, fast project turnaround times, elimination of construction coordination, less downtime, and lower departmental costs with continuously positive ROI.