Air Blown Fiber

The Benefit

Air Blown Fiber provides unprecedented benefits that provide IT and facilities managers with maximum network efficiency, immediate control over bandwidth requirements, significant cost savings, quick project turnaround times, and total control over planning and budgeting. Essentially, Air Blown Fiber guarantees that your network is keeping up at the exact pace of emerging technology.

Time Warner Picks Air Blown Fiber - Center, New York

The New Time Warner Center in New York City has chosen Air Blown Fiber as its network infrastructure. The installation covers the center's connected north and south towers, and supports CNN's 250,000 square-foot studio facilities and broadcast production operations for CNN's American Morning show and its prime time lineup. Read the feature article in Cabling, Installation, and Maintenance.
The Most technologically proven air-blown fiber system in North America, has become the preferred infrastructure for many of the world’s foremost enterprise networks including: the Pentagon, CNN, ESPN, Johns Hopkins University, Mayo Clinic, Starbucks Coffee, Washington DC Convention Center, Intel, Nissan, McCarran International Airport – Las Vegas, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, MGM Grand, Atlanta Motor Speedway, and many more.